Choose CBD, the natural option. Skip the side effects.

At High Road Edibles, we pride ourselves on chef-driven recipes that don’t skimp on flavor for effectiveness. Our CBD mints and gummies are geared toward resiliency and rejuvenation of your body and mind.

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Featured Products

  • 10mg CBD Lemon and Lime Gummies with Vitamin C + CBG

    • Intended to ease physical discomfort and encourage a fresh start using Vitamin C.
    • 250mg CBD per tin (25 individual servings of 10mg)
    • Made with THC-free Broad Spectrum CBD
    • Gluten Free and Kosher
  • 10mg CBD Grapefruit and Blood Orange Gummies with L-Theanine + CBG

    • Created to improve relaxation and clear-thinking aided by the wellness supplement L-theanine.
    • 250mg CBD per tin (25 individual servings of 10mg)
    • Made with THC-free Broad Spectrum CBD
    • Gluten Free and Kosher

Find the right CBD edible for you

High Road Edibles offers different products for various wellness concerns. Choose yours below.

Know that your CBD edibles come from a trustworthy source with your wellness in mind.

You should expect consistency and quality from your CBD edibles. We strive to meet your expectations by being transparent about our CBD sourcing and production processes.

  • Third Party Tested

    Testing results for CBD dosage are listed on each package and online.

  • THC Free

    Our edibles only contain CBD and are free of any psychoactive elements.

  • Made in Montana

    Small batch edibles infused with CBD from extractors located in Montana.

Our CBD Blog

Small batch and handcrafted

Our chef founder spent a decade sourcing Montana’s best ingredients for award-winning kitchens. Now he combines his keen eye for quality with his deep belief in natural remedies — and your CBD edibles are the result.

Featured Product Review

“Between spending my workday demonstrating exercises and my own practice, soreness is a regular visitor at my door! Taking 2 mints helped me reduce soreness and let me wind down. I would highly recommend them to my clients!”

Evan Smith
Fitness and Mobility Instructor

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