The Best Missoula Winter Activities to Pair with High Road CBD

Posted by Ali Amoroso on Feb 25th 2021

The Best Missoula Winter Activities to Pair with High Road CBD

Although much of the Treasure State is still holding its breath for more snowfall this year, winter has nevertheless arrived in Montana. In case that polar vortex didn’t make that obvious. You may be surprised by how many of your favorite winter activities — whether they take place in the crisp, fresh air or cozied up inside, hiding from the cold — are made even better with CBD.

Below you’ll find a list of our top recommendations for winter activities to pair with High Road CBD products. While we’ve recommended a specific pairing for each one, we know that everyone’s preferences are a little different, so choose the ones that are best for you!

We’re sure to have missed some of the winter fun western Montana has to offer. What’s your favorite winter activity to enhance with CBD?

10 Cold Weather Pursuits Aided by CBD

Chill Out Lakeside

Western Montana is full of gorgeous lakes. From the enormous, like Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park and Flathead Lake, to the closer options, like Seeley Lake and its many counterparts along Highway 83. We recommend packing a thermos of hot coffee or tea and a few of our Calm gummies to make an afternoon by one of these tranquil bodies of water all the more relaxing and enjoyable!

Coast on Cross-Country Skis

Missoula is starting to get enough snow for nearby adventures, but you also don’t have to go far to find idyllic cross-country skiing terrain and deep snow. We love the always-popular Lolo Pass ski area, which boasts eight miles of groomed trails and is not far from town on the Idaho border. This is a great spot for novice and experienced skiers alike. And if you want to bring a four-legged friend with you, check out the Lee Creek trailhead, just a few miles from Lolo Pass (but much less crowded) or Lubrecht Forest, 30 miles northeast of Missoula. No matter where you ski, we recommend our Realign mints to help you focus on the sport, the quiet and the dazzling scenery — rather than any sore joints.

Hang Out in a Private Movie Theater

While the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has made a visit to a movie theater daunting, the Roxy Theater on Missoula’s Hip Strip is offering its theater for private use. It’s the perfect opportunity to get everyone in your pod, or your socially distanced friends in general, together to watch a movie (or play video games) on the big screen. Plus, it’s a great way to support an awesome local business. How to make your Roxy night even more chill? Throw some Restore mints into the mix!

Get an Epic Massage

We’re all facing a ton of stress right now: from work, from the fraught state of our politics and from the cold, all of which lead to cramped muscles, hunched shoulders, headaches and more. A professional massage is a great way to get that tension off your shoulders, and Renew gummies will only deepen your relaxation! We love Sorella’s Day Spa and the Deep Tissue Massage Group, both of which offer wonderful services and experienced staff.

Hike to Your Heart’s Content

One of the greatest things about living in Missoula is our proximity to so many amazing hiking trails. While many of them are most popular in warm weather, they become serene cathedrals of peace in the winter months. To the west of town, the Blue Mountain trail complex offers amazing views of the region, including the Mission Mountains, the Bitterroot Valley and more. The Rattlesnake National Recreation Area, north of town, and Pattee Canyon Recreation Area, to the east, offer their own distinct vibe and views. We love bringing some Renew gummies with us to take a little achiness out of our limbs and feet.

Dine in a Snow Globe

Across the world, restaurants are embracing private geodesic domes as a fun and safe way to serve customers during the coronavirus pandemic. The Top Hat Restaurant & Bar, in downtown Missoula, has some of the best burgers in town, and their sought-after geodesic domes are definitely the coolest place to enjoy them! Especially after a hike or another outdoor adventure, freshen up with Realign mints before dinner to stay perky through the cozy meal!

Take a Drive to Meet Some Furry Friends

Three cheers for the National Bison Range on Red Sleep Mountain, whose ownership, as of this January, has been returned to the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes. It can take a few hours to drive the range and see the grand buffalo themselves, so we recommend bringing Realign mints along in case you start feeling a little cooped up in the car.

Soothe Yourself at a Hot Springs

Anyone who has spent a winter in Montana knows the soothing power of our many hot springs, both at developed resorts and undeveloped hidden gems. Some of our favorites include Quinn’s Hot Springs in Plains and the hike-in-only Jerry Johnson springs across the border in Idaho. Already epically relaxing, Renew gummies will make your dip even more rejuvenating.

Buy Local Produce & Goods

During the winter, Missoula’s Clark Fork farmers market closes down, but the Missoula Valley Winter Market opens up in its stead. Housed in the old Lucky’s Supermarket at the south end of town, the market is open every Saturday from 9am to 2pm through the end of April. It’s a great way to buy produce and goods from 60 local vendors. It can get a little hectic, though. A Calm gummy or two can help you get your shopping done without getting overwhelmed, especially if you haven’t been in crowds much recently.

Sip a Sleepy Beverage

Montana breweries know how to turn out thick, dark beers for long winter nights, and perhaps none are quite as delicious as Kettlehouse Brewing’s award-winning Cold Smoke Scotch Ale, a slightly sweet beer with notes of coffee and molasses. It’s a very cozy and sleep-inducing drink already, but combine it with a Slumber gummy or Slumber mint to maximize that end-of-day mellowness and cheer.

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