What Sets High Road CBD Edibles Apart?

Posted by Ali Amoroso on Jan 3rd 2021

What Sets High Road CBD Edibles Apart?

Here at High Road Edibles, we pride ourselves on being your top choice for CBD products. Without our customers’ support and raving reviews, we wouldn’t be able to continue our business — nor would we want to.

Having your trust means so much to us, and we want to make sure to be fully transparent in return. Because when it comes to buying CBD products, you have so many options. You deserve to know all about the brands you choose to purchase from.

So with that, let us give you a bit of our backstory and share what makes High Road stand out.

A Collaboration Between Friends

High Road Edibles is first and foremost a collaboration between two old friends. Ben Miller and Mike Zens first met in 2003 when they lived across from each other in the dorm. That was Craig Hall and their freshman year at the University of Montana in Missoula.

After graduating from college, Ben moved to Seattle to chef at renowned restaurants Il Fornaio and The Four Swallows. Meanwhile Mike began a career in website development. It wasn’t until 2011 that both guys were in Montana again, where Ben became the Executive Sous Chef at the luxury resort The Ranch at Rock Creek, and Mike continued his work from a very comfy home office. And it would be another six years before the two were both in Missoula.

Then High Road Edibles was born in 2019 when Ben and Mike realized there was a niche opportunity in Montana for high-end, lab-tested CBD edibles. Don’t let the fact that the first incarnations of their gummies involved melted Haribo gummy bears fool you. They were soon cooking up their own gummies and mints from scratch and refining their recipes as they learned how to make their products as effective as possible.

From the get-go, Ben and Mike wanted High Road Edibles to be synonymous with wellness. That's why each product has a specific intended effect — from aiding sleep and easing pain to providing anxiety relief. Our first products hit shelves in March 2020 (yes, that fateful month), and we’ve been committed to delivering high-quality, reliable edibles ever since.

Chef-Driven Products with Emphasis on Flavor

Ben doesn’t just merely bring a passion for CBD to the table but a full decade working in the restaurant industry as well. His deep knowledge is evident in our flavor profiles, ingredients and even the textures of our gummies and mints. He makes all of our products in small batches by hand, too, and knows exactly what goes into them.

“We make the whole product ourselves, conceive the whole product ourselves; we’ve gone out and found the ingredients ourselves,” he explains.

Our delicious and satisfying flavor profiles speak to Ben’s attention to detail: the Calm gummies, for instance, include a mix of Grapefruit and Blood Orange, while the Slumber gummies’ Blueberry and Mango feel like a healthier version of the Gushers and Fruit Roll-Ups of our playground days.

And while Ben focuses on flavors, Mike uses his tech expertise to streamline rollouts and to ensure that our products stay stocked on shelves across the state.

“Mike makes sure we don’t go out of business,” Ben says. “I make sure we have something to sell.”

The Best Ingredients for the Job

At High Road, we’ve discovered that crafting a CBD product isn’t too different from assembling the pieces of a puzzle. In our case, you need top-shelf CBD, the appropriate flavors and the right dose of wellness additives like ginger and Vitamin C to make an excellent edible. Ben and Mike looked to their own lives and experiences to guide product development and the specific moods each product creates.

“Ben and I both have had problems sleeping, for example; that's the inspiration for the Sleep gummy,” Mike explained. “Others are good for treating anxiety, a common ailment especially right now. Our Renew gummies with Vitamin C are good for just about anyone.”

When it comes to the CBD itself, we’re proud to source our material from two fellow Montana businesses. We fuel our gummies with a defined spectrum CBD extract made by Socati, a Missoula-and-Austin-based company well-known for their organic, GMO-free products. Defined spectrum means that the extract contains not merely CBD but is able to highlight other cannabinoids as well. In our case, those include CBG and CBN. Both cannabinoids enhance wellness opportunities: CBG has been shown to counter inflammation, pain and nausea; and CBN is an effective sleep aid that some consumers may find similar to the “couch lock” effect of indica-dominant cannabis strains.

As for our mints, we use a CBD isolate from Big Sky Extracts in rural Chinook, Montana. We love working with them and can rest easy knowing that their equipment produces a pure isolate that is 100% THC-free.

We also work hard to ensure that the other ingredients and wellness additives in our products enhance their desired effects. Take our Calm gummies for example. They contain both CBG and L-Theanine, an amino acid with a relaxing effect. We’ve also supplemented our Sleep gummies with melatonin. The Realign mints contain herbal supplements like turmeric, piperine and ginger to help center the body and mind alike.

CBD You Can Trust

We place a huge emphasis on safety in our products, and everything we make gets tested at Fidelity Labs in Missoula. Furthermore, we make it as easy as possible for customers to learn what exactly is in our products via a QR code on the back of each tin. Scan it to get all the specs on cannabinoid content and more!

Growing Across Montana

We’re so grateful to the team at Greenhouse Farmacy for being the first dispensary in Montana to believe in us and carry our CBD products.

In the time since selling our first tins of gummies and mints at Greenhouse, we’ve expanded to more than a dozen additional stores across the state, from Juniper Cannabis in Bozeman, Silverbow CBD Essentials in Butte, and The Fruit Factory and Tamarack Dispensary in the Flathead region. You can find the whole list of shops carrying our CBD edibles here, and don’t forget, you can always buy our products online if you can’t find what you’re looking for in a store (or if you live outside of Montana).

One of our top priorities for 2021 is getting our CBD products into more dispensaries and stores across Montana. We’re so grateful to all of our customers for your continued support, and we can’t wait to bring you even more CBD in the new year!

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